Ajan Reginald with Nobel Laureate Sir Martin Evans in Celixir (formerly known as Cell Therapy Ltd)

Ajan Reginald with Nobel Laureate Sir Martin Evans in Celixir (formerly known as Cell Therapy Ltd)

Ajan Reginald CelixirSir Martin Evans, Nobel Laureate, and Ajan Reginald, former Global Head of Emerging Technologies at Roche, are two key names behind the foundation of Cell Therapy Ltd (CTL) in 2009. Eventually, going forward with a name up gradation; CTL got its new name as Celixir in the year 2016. Moreover, their dedicated team of world-class scientists and biotechnology specialists are duly involved in bringing breakthrough medicines and technology to simply change the way this medical world is operating.

Ajan reginald celixir

On the other side, their team is working hard towards bringing cutting edge cell and gene therapies into picture, to further bring appropriate treatments and solutions for incurable and ill-treated health issues like heart failure and Cancer. The Company is also ensuring going by their hardcore work ethics and beliefs in each of their operational activities.

Values at Celixir Ltd.

Specialist – The Company always put their best efforts towards all those areas which demand specialized research for specific disease and health issues.

World Class – The firm has further tied up with some of the world leaders in science, medicine and business fields, whilst bringing their high end expertise into picture, with the innovation and research in regards to breakthrough in regenerative medicine.

Patient Champions – We always believe that understanding the needs and requirements of the patients around is quite important and our team of specialist has achieved the same with all the hard work and knowledge based expertise.

Virtuous – We, at Celixir got a history of achievements and breakthroughs in regenerative medicine and innovative solutions to support the health of millions of people around.

Access Driven – Our services are solely focused towards the betterment of millions of patients around the world and we are committed towards bringing the best of the regenerative medicine. This commitment is then backed by all our hardcore efforts and innovative thought process towards the same.

Exceptional – We always ensure providing the best motivation and support to all our employees which further makes them bring the best out of their efforts in all of our work processes.

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