Stem cell small caps – high risk / high reward stock?

Stem cell stocks – bargain small caps with great potential?

Mon Sep 24, 2012 8:56 PM GMT

Stem cell stocks have greatly outperformed the market over the last 3 months: 

Company Growth Market Cap

Osiris +79% $313m

Pluristem +70% $200m

NeoStem +45% $110m

Neuralstem +35% $71m

Stemcells +160% $64m


All these companies have products that are still in clinical trials so there is a significant risk of failure and therefore catastrophic value loss. However, Pluristem and Osiris and Mesoblast (MSB.AX) utilise the (relatively) less risky mesodermal cell platform in which Mesoblast garnered the first potential $ Billion stem cell deal with Cephalon in 2010.  

Stem cell therapeutics remain the most likely ‘next breakthrough’ in Biotechnology and are reminiscent of the vastly undervalued Antibody stocks of the 1990s. Certainly great upside potential if your willing to accept risk…

Ajan Reginald